Medellin Dining Chairs - 5 colors

$900.00 USD

Support 150+ Artisan Families

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Handmade with love

Our Medellin Chairs offer all the necessary features for any space, from the living room to the bedroom, library, balcony, or porch. Its unparalleled comfort ensures its timeless appeal, making it an ideal addition to any decor.

Handmade using Recycled PVC rope with a steel rod structure coated with polyurethane or electrostatic paint. , making it the perfect outdoor furniture for this summer.



    Technique : Weaving & Welding
    Materials : PVC from Recycled Plastic & Galvanized Powder Coated Steel 

    Most our Chairs are made of a powder coated steel structure to give them a greater resistance in outdoor enviroments . 

    although our products are durable and are made for outdoors , we recommend not exposing them to rain for long periods of time . 

    after being exposed to rain and dust , the structure should be wiped dry to reduce the posibility of rust .

    incase of bumps or scratches , we recommend applying anticorrosive paint of the same color in the affected areas .

    ariives within 2 Weeks from ordering (to the US & Canada)


    empowering women

    When women are empowered, communities thrive! We support girls who want to learn a trade...moms who want to be able to work from home…retirees who don’t want to labor outdoors anymore…aspiring fashion designers who want to showcase their talent to the world.


    At Best of Colombia we are commited to only source and use raw materials of the highest in quality that not only aid exceptionally in the making of our products but also protect our planet leaving almost no footprint.


    In today’s fashionable world, fast and cheap seems to dominate. But have you considered the people who make these Crafts? What do you think they earn if you are paying so little for an item? That is not the narrative here at Best of Colombia. Everyone deserves the right for fair pay, fair trade and fair labor practices.


    At Best of Colombia we pride ourselves with every product we produce, from choosing the raw material to the attention to detail in Production. our Fraid trade Policy guarantees that our costumers receive a TOP NOTCH High Quality in Every craft & Order .

    HandMade by Artisan Families

    Best of Colombia Group works with other 80 artisan families that are proud of their craft and of the items they produce


    How are the bags produced ?

    Best of Colombia Bags are Woven By women of the Wayuu Tribe Using Cotton-Like Thread and with 2 different techniques , Crochet & Hand tapestry

    How are the tabletop items produced?

    Our Tabletop products (Placemats , rings and trays) are handwoven By our group of artisan in the Atlantic region in colombia , using a Sustainable Organic Palm Called “Iraca” on which we Harvest, Dry & dye with natural colors extracted from tree roots or nuts

    How do i clean my bags/clutches ?

    All our bags are Machine Washable . Turn the bag (Mochila) inside out and tie the drawstrings together. Place the drawstrings inside the bag so they do not get damaged. Place the bag on a quick 15-minute cycle on a cold setting. Hang to dry!

    How do i clean my Raffia Products?

    Clean with a damp cloth

    Do i have to pay import/Duty Taxes ?

    NO TAXES on U.S Orders , Regarding europe and Asia we normally Declare for as low as possible so you can hopefully avoid or pay the least ammount of taxes

    I have other questions

    feel free to contact us either on Live chat , Email : or Call us +573209722887 (WhatsApp as well)

    When will my order arrive ?

    our Processing time by Catagory :
    - All Bags , Hats & Earrings Ship Within 1-2 Business Days (monday to Friday).

    - Table Top, home Decor & Trays : Ship within 3-4 Business Days.

    - Furniture items : Ship within a Week From Ordering .

    afterwards its 3-4 business days to The US , CANADA & Central America and 5-6 to Europe or Asia.