Best of Colombia

We are a Colombian Based Company est. in 2018 with a mission to share the best creations that colombia has to offer, displaying the colombian Ethnic lifestyle ,supporting the most vulnerable comunities and reviving their artisinal spirit.

as of 2023 we are working with over 600 artisans from all around colombia to Create unique high quality products in several catagories including tabletop , Home Decor , Bags , Accesories and more . 

with our Fair Trade Policy we guarantee that our artisans get very well compensated for their craft inexchange of delivering a product our costumers can appreciate.

Meet few of our Artisans : 

 Lorena , Judi & Carmen , These Beautifull women are also our Team Leaders with each supervising the craft of 20+ Artisans


The Patino Family , located in barranquilla-colombia


the caballero family , dibulla -Colombia


*we are manufacturers and wholesellers.

do you wish to Include our products in your boutique or store? we have great wholesale prices , fast shipping delivery time & fees.

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